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Ritesh Dahiya Sir

Ritesh Dahiya Sir, is known for his simplified teaching, and his innovative approach to prepare young mind for the next challenge of their lives.

His classes are energetic and interactive.  Ritesh Sir make sure that students do not jump to problem solving without mastering the concepts of physics.

Ritesh Dahiya Sir is known to clear all concepts of physics through his simple and logical skills.

He beleives that every student not only need to develop the problem solving skills but also develop the thinking ability, for long term gains.

The main advantage of his classes is not only imparting knowledge of the physics subject but also helps to attain expertise over speed, accuracy, philosophy & concepts for an all-round achievement in JEE and NEET Physics.

All of his students say “Physics to ab samajh aani shuru ho gayi hai. Number to aa hi jaayenge !

Sandhya Chawla Maam

Sandhya Chawla Ma’am is a rank holder in Masters (Cognitive) Psychology from Delhi University.

She has also done programs with San Diego University on Study skills.

Based on her experience and the Neuroscience researches, she understands “how our brain learns” and the methods students should apply to get competitive advantage.

During her interactions, she guides the students on transforming habits and developing right skills for success.